light flowing down



o artificial eyes extend o
beyond the body
read / absorb / interrupt / manipulate
ray transmissions
the cacophony of otherworldly birds


liberated sewer / pipe burst
sewer forced primitive system / cracking and heaving mass
scraping off the fat
liberated sewer surge / pipe burst discharge 
sewer forced primitive system / cracking and heaving mass
drowned monstrously in his own excrement

time of evil 

voices from the depths / stench rises / troubled sky

eat their words / GET HIS NERVES / use the electricity

Inflammatory images / city's memory / virtual revolt / mask to fall

crime for crime / passion possessed / saved or damned / light withdrawn

national infection / social disaster / groundless panics / to fight abstraction

frightful shapes / social forms / grotesque dance / intrinsically ugly

GET HIS NERVES / use the electricity

disordered soul / psychic entity / troubled body / allowed to grow filthy

victim swells / clog the streets / drain abscesses collectively

little corpses / miserable objects / little corpses / dead vermin / little corpses / denying everything

GET HIS NERVES / eat their words


Shape of a stranger / unknown enemy / empty thing / full of noises

monstrous and abject body / uncontainable grotesque

flesh of their magic

fanged avatars / bestial / we can begin to feed

in the sewage system / patrolling contamination / teeming world / filth and greed / borrowed sorcery

spread fingers / crick-crack / liminal straddling / borderless / ungovernable realm / beyond reach

sight expires / confront fear / conjure realities

overcoming fear /our own darkest face undone


Faithless speech / dissociated and denatured /  overlapping personae / sinister fusion


spectral voices / lost selves

who is speaking? / self unmanifested / rotted mouth

EAT HER FLESH / tissue of symbols / carnal knowledge

human time / acid-free / domestic interiors / unresolved anxieties

real or imagined / double limitation / lasting ghosts

dissident sitters / undressed / disturbingly fetishized / involuntary laughter

concepts of semen / sticky stumbling block / blind man

seed-soul / vehicles of spirit / sublimed matter / bodily wastes

medium oozes / spitting or leaking / ectoplasmic masks / reabsorbed

white of egg / viscous skeins / shapeless / beyond figuration

outer darkness / lunar eclipse / outward form / inward processes


sovereignty of vision / blind eye / probing interior / fantasies visible

erotic figures / body of the medium / into the wounds / primacy of touch

base reality / flesh rises / freak productions / creatures of chance

anti-self / enfleshed fragility / personal apocalypse

wrongs of the past / dematerialised / memory itself / rushing noise

savage spectacles / state violence / urgency of control / reality of flesh

apocalyptic sublime

raging demiurge / bald animal / class hatred / summoned realities

nations fall / unknown languages / spell of exclusion

paranoid territory / transitional / state between worlds

fractured consciousness / shaping the forms / welter of representations

“The images are not alive.” / only semblance

spectral incarnations / perfect fabrications / false flesh / freshly imagined

flash of thought / passages of moments / invented memories / ever repeating


dear warm plastic flesh / private cell / fluorescent brightness

artificial and cruel utopia

imaginary sex organs / live out vulgar poetry / theatrical abnormality

gaze of the audience / fragile theatre of surfaces

disembodied stage life / a dangerous kind of dreaming

counter-creation / I chose not to live


 institutionalisation / unwilling incarceration / bound up / psychic system

haunted...from birth / sickly second child / tweedledee / become

mask making

 enter the sewage system / writhing and crawling mass / a rat-king worn upon the face as a mask

oil fields 

telluric cunt
 rebirth / aborted
flesh yields / cancerous womb
full of caves / murky path
desert fort
primal age /  mans abyss
 bed of flames

scared of this trash
mad animal
climbed into the ditch
sunken eyes
gurgling throat / choked with refuse
matted hair / rotted bones
dictator of rats / captives taken

behind the curtains / the outside howls
clouds of solidified smoke
truth of knowledge / theatre of representation
inside / almost invisible
dead silent
such purity / left no bones

the fatal sisters'
woven cloth rotting
threads fraying 
human destiny unentwined
decrees of fate in decay


this is my ghost