Luke Jordan (London, UK)

Works explore and speculate on the temporality of the human as one among many decaying material forms, in metamorphosis, haunted by imagined pasts and futures, transdimensional realities, unexplored landscapes, communications with the unknown, and by the vast unknowable; whilst also manifesting collective and subjective anxieties, in metaphors of decay, corruption and impurity within the realms of society, culture and politics, and in the emergence of grotesque / monstrous / hybrid forms and figures; disrupting the borders of the human, and 'civilization'.

Works take many forms; experimental sound, live performance, installation, sculpture, photography and video; often combining many of these elements.

Live work is comprised of an anomalous merging of viscerally affective transmissions / discharges, sensory forms, the human and the non-human in grotesque entanglement, interaction and transmutations / deformations between detritus, raw materials, repurposed objects, artefacts and technologies, cacophonous sound, ritual actions, improvisation, spoken words, and unintelligible vocalisations; encounters with marginal entities / demons of irrationality, which act as social, cultural and physical disruptions, agitations and provocations, collapsing the boundaries between inner and outer worlds; seances / possessions / exorcisms / false revelations.  

They function as experiments in the foregrounding of the non-hierarchical interconnectedness of the world beyond appearances, and the emergence of possibilities from the chaotic disorder of negatively active matter; the formation, disintegration or destruction of human identity and subjectivity within a hallucinatory world.

I work collaboratively with various artists, performers and musicians, instigating various projects and events which encourage a merging or negation of artistic disciplines, taking place in both institutional and non-institutional spaces.