Luke Jordan (London, UK)

Works take many forms; experimental sound, live performance, installation, sculpture, photography and video; often combining many of these elements.

I work collaboratively with various artists, performers and musicians, instigating various projects and events which encourage a merging or negation of artistic disciplines, taking place in both institutional and non-institutional spaces.

Speculations upon the temporality of the human as one among many decaying material forms,  haunted by imagined pasts and futures, unexplored territories, communications with the unknown, and by the vast unknowable.

Manifestations of primal and cultural anxieties, in material decay, corruption and impurity; and through the emergence of hybrid, monstrous forms and figures; disrupting the borders of the human, and of 'civilization'.

Live performances are comprised of an anomalous merging of viscerally affective transmissions / discharges / convulsions and sensory forms. The human and the non-human in grotesque entanglement and deformation. Psychosonic actions of detritus, raw materials, repurposed objects, artefacts and technologies, cacophony, spoken words, and unintelligible vocalisations.  Encounters with marginal entities / unclean spirits / demons of irrationality, which act as social, cultural and physical disruptions, agitations and provocations, collapsing the boundaries between inner and outer worlds; seances / possessions / exorcisms / false revelations.  

Experiments in the foregrounding of primordial, primal nature; the non-hierarchical interconnectedness of the world beyond appearances, and the emergence of possibilities from the chaotic disorder of negative active matter; the formation, disintegration or destruction of human identity and subjectivity within a hallucinatory world.


In experiments on the borders between live art, theatre, sonic art, sculpture, installation and their documentation I actuate the deformation and metamorphosis of the human subject and material object, and the emergence of anomalous configurations and hybrid entanglements, between form and formlessness.  

The manifestation, binding and discharge of primal energies through viscerally affective actions, objects and residual detritus, collapsing boundaries of inner and outer worlds in encounters with the unknown.

I have performed and exhibited within Europe at numerous institutional and non-institutional sites and events including squats, boats, caves, living rooms, ICA London (UK), Chelsea College of Arts (UK), Byham Shaw School of Art (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), Auto Italia South East (UK), Area10 Project Space Peckham (UK),  Galerie Puppenklinik (CZ), The Minesweeper (UK), Cafe Oto (UK), Noise=Noise (UK), Musica Dispersa (UK/ES), EVTV (UK), Lords Of The Hedonist (UK), RUN (UK), Grotto Promotions (IE), Modern Panic (UK), Along The Light Festival (DE) Deliquium Festival (UK), Primal Uproar Festival (DE), Supernoize Festival (DK), Antiuniversity Now Festival (UK), Deptford X Fringe (UK).  I have had work published in magazines such as Ground (DE) and Rapsodia (IT).  Since 2013 I have instigated various experimental performance and sonic art events in London, and from 2017 as Psychosonic Action Lab.